"Rock God: How Alex Honnold Climbed El Capitan (Without a Rope)" -- A close-up account for GQ's Men of the Year issue of Honnold's free solo of El Cap's 2,900-foot Freerider route, an astounding feat of mental and physical endurance accomplished in the cradle of American big-wall climbing. [GQ, December 2017]

"Can Technology Bring Heli-Skiing to the Masses?" -- A look at startup Heli, which seeks to streamline bookings of adventure travel, making sports like heli-skiing more accessible. [Bloomberg Businessweek, October 2017]

"Bristol Bay's Pebble Mine is Back in Play" -- As the Trump/Pruitt EPA seeks to unwind protections for Alaska's Bristol Bay, a deep dive look at how we got here, and where Pebble goes now. [Outside, October 2017]

"Q&A: Photographer Matt Hamon on Montana, Authenticity, and Problems of the ‘Exotic’"-- A conversation about Hamon's series The Gleaners, focused on a tribal buffalo hunt and its butchers. [Jungles in Paris, April 2017]

"Alaska's Pebble Mine and the Legend of Trump's Gold" -- Charting the twists and turns in the Pebble Mine saga since Trump's election. [, March 2017]

"How Trump Transition Officials are Privately Explaining the Chaos at the EPA" -- A look at transition chaos at the EPA from the inside, based on leaked internal communications. [Slate, January 2017]

"To Save these Rare Giraffes, Uganda Built an Ark (of Sorts)" -- A journey to Uganda to observe the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and Ugandan Wildlife Authority as they undertook unique effort to save and relocate a population of endangered Rothschild's giraffes. [On Earth, October 2016]

"The EPA Ecologist Who Became a Wanted Man" -- A profile of retired EPA employee Phil North, whose work on Alaska's Pebble Mine, and subsequent disappearance, is at the center of several lawsuits, based on exclusive interviews with North. [, May 2016]

"Rebuilding Roseburg: Life in a town marked by tragedy" -- An essay on the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, the town my father grew up in. [Harper's, October 2015]

"Trevor Paglen Plumbs the Internet" -- A deep dive into the world of undersea data cables--the internet is, in fact, a 'series of tubes'--with artist and author Trevor Paglen. [, September 2015]

"Scoring Obama's Relationship with Alaska" and "What Obama Missed on his Alaska Tour" -- Two looks at the implications of President Obama's historic visit to Alaska. [Outside and Men's Journal, September 2015]

"U.P. Extreme: Skiing Michigan's Upper Peninsula" -- An expedition to Michigan's Mount Bohemia, which advertises 'midwest extreme' skiing, sits amid shuttered copper mines on a peninsula surrounded by Lake Superior, and beloved by a scrappy, dedicated group of regulars. [Skiing, September 2015]

"The Other Man: Remembering Graham Hunt (1986-2015)" -- A profile of the late Graham Hunt, who died with climbing legend Dean Potter during a wingsuit BASE jumping accident in Yosemite. [Outside Online, May 2015]

"The Spectacular Flight and Rough Landing of the Freedom Jumpers" -- Feature about the three men who jumped from the nearly completed Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan in September 2013, investigating the jump, their arrest, and their subsequent legal woes. [Outside Online, April 2015]

"The Bat Man Cometh" -- An account of a New York visit by the "Bat Man of Mexico," renowned bat biologist Rodrigo Medellin, for a screening of a film about his work at the Explorer's Club. [New Yorker online, February 2015]

"Bristol Bay Isn't Safe, Yet" -- Newsy piece covering President Obama's decision to protect the North Aleutian Basin from oil and gas exploration. [Outside Online, December 2014]

"Feds Crack Down on Alaska Mining Co." -- A look at EPA's investigation of XS Platinum--a one-time supplier to jewelry giant Tiffany & Co.--for illegal pollution of Alaska's Salmon River. [Huffpo, November 2014]

"Powder for the Purists" -- Backwoods cat-skiing at southern Oregon's Mount Bailey. Worth the trip. [Skiing Magazine, December 2013]

"What a Catch" -- A family of fishermen take their catch, fresh Alaskan sockeye from Bristol Bay, to the streets and playgrounds of Brooklyn and Portland via a CSA-style salmon share. [On Earth, October 2013]

"In the Big Rock Candy Mountains" -- Skiing powder at Eagle Point, an out of the way and once-doomed ski resort in southern Utah's Tushar Mountains, with the former NYC financier trying to revive it. [Skiing Magazine, December 2012]

"A Wild Civility" -- A profile a profile of filmmaker and designer of an eponymous line of luxury men's accessories, Alexander Olch. [The Aesthete, October 2012]

"Start Your Engines" -- Dropping in on the start of the season at the Accord Speedway, a quarter-mile, dirt racetrack in New York's Catskills region. [The Aesthete, May 2012]

"Operation Hollywood: SEALs in the Spotlight" -- On set during the filming of Act of Valor, the feature action film starring real Navy SEALs and made with the Navy's cooperation. [Businessweek, February 2012]

"Field Trip: Brooklyn Detention Complex Housewarming" -- On a tour of the newly reopened Brooklyn House of Detention, where gentrification bumps up agains the criminal justice system. [Urban Omnibus, February 2012]

"In Brooklyn, St. Cecelia's Grants Artists' Prayers" -- A look at an unlikely arts center at St. Cecelia's Catholic Parish in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and the Pastor behind it. [New York Times, March 2011]

"Shattered Idyll" -- An arts collective reclaims, for a moment, a condemned community of vacation bungalows on the Connecticut shore. [New York Observer, October 2010]

"Graveyard Shift"--A cultural study of midwestern skiing, undertaken at Paoli Peaks, Indiana, where the lifts stay open until 3am. [Skiing, January 2010]

"The Life and Death of Shane McConkey"--A look into the life and untimely death of a skiing and BASE-jumping legend. [Outside, July 2009]

"Gold Fish"--Investigating the proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska, and its possible impact on salmon populations and the fishermen who rely on them. [Outside, June 2009]

"Aconcagua: Everyman's Everest"--An account of my climb of the highest peak in the America's, Argentina's Aconcagua, with an all-star group of guides, including Ed Viesturs, Dave Hahn, and Peter Whittaker. [Men's Journal, May 2009]

"The New Paranoia"--A look at survivalist tendencies among New York's financial elite. [New York Magazine, January 2009]

"Field Notes"--An account of my experience as a first-time adventure TV host, following the last days of vanished heir Michael Rockefeller in the Asmat region of Papua. [Outside, November 2008; The TV show, "Gone Missing," aired on the Travel Channel in November 2008]

"Paddling in Circles"--Competing in a raft race on the Peruvian Amazon sounded like a fantastic adventure; it turned out to be a comedy of adventurous errors. [Outside's Go, September 2008]

"Swim, Bike, Run, Shoot, Kill"--A look at the training and recruiting of Navy SEALS. [Outside, September 2007]

"Huge"--Profile of BASE-jumper Miles Daisher, in which I learn to BASE-jump. [Outside, February 2006] 

"Balkan Surprise"--Travels in Croatia. [Outside, July 2005] 

"Absolutely Knackered"--Young Brits running wild on a ski trip to the Austrian Alps. [Outside, December 2004] 


"Capturing the Complexity of a Freefalling Obsession" -- Q&A with Marah Strauch, the director of the documentary Sunshine Superman, which traces the life and death of BASE jumping pioneer Carl Boenish. [Outside Online, May 2015]

"The Shane McConkey Story" -- An interview with Sherry McConkey, widow of the skiing and BASE-jumping pioneer, about the documentary film McConkey. [Outside, October 2013]

"The Road Back" -- An essay and Q&A about professional triathlete Jordan Rapp, who battled back from a nearly fatal hit-and-run (he was struck by a van while on his bike on a training ride) to top form. Download PDF here. [Hackley Review, December 2011]

"The Novelist" -- A conversation with the incomparable James Salter. [Outside, July 2011]

"Gus Speth: Environmental Crusader" -- A talk with Gus Speth, Dean of the Yale School of Forestry and one of the founders of the NRDC. [Outside, May 2007]

"Impossible to Forget" -- Survivors of the disastrous 1996 Everest season, chronicled in Jon Krakauer's "Into Thin Air" and other books, reflect their experiences for the 10th anniversary. [Outside, May 2006]


"Non-Answers" -- A review of Carl Hoffman's book Savage Harvest, about the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller in New Guinea in 1961. [Slate, April 2014]

"When the Road Ends, Keep Pedaling" -- A review of "Road to Karakol," a film by Fitz Cahall and Kyle Dempster. [HuffPo, November 2013]

"One Life to Live: Shane McConkey's Last Great Idea" -- A review of the documentary "McConkey," which looks at the life and death of skiing and BASE-jumping pioneer Shane McConkey through a very personal lens--the filmmakers were some of his closest friends. [Frontier Psychiatrist, October 2013, later republished on HuffPo]

"GQ's Read of the Month: Jame's Salter's All That Is" -- A review of the remarkable new novel from 86-year-old legend and unrivaled prose stylist James Salter.  [, April 2013]

"Josh Melnick's 8-Train" -- A review of a subterranean film that revels in the anonymous faces encountered while riding New York's subways. [Urban Omnibus, June 2009]

"Taking on the World"--A review of Leonardo DiCaprio's eco-doc, The 11th Hour. [Outside, September 2007]


"Greening the Big Apple" --  A look at future strategies for more responsible city living. [Outside, February 2008]

"Green All Stars 2007"--Mini-profiles of eco-leaders. [Outside, April 2007]

"Global Green CEO Matt Petersen" -- Mini profile of the environmental leader. [Outside, March 2007]

"Best Jobs: 2007"--A glimpse into the lives of the enviably employed. [Outside, May 2007] 

"Cold Case: Unsolved Mysteries"--More unsolved mysteries from the great outdoors. [Outside, November 2006]

"The O-Files: Unsolved Mysteries"--Dissapearances, strange phenomena, and other weirdness. [Outside, October 2003] 


"Bristol Bay Fishing Lodges" -- The best places to stay while on the hunt for trophy rainbow trout and lunker salmon, in one of the world's legendary fishing destinations, Bristol Bay, Alaska. [Outside, June 2009]

"Thoreau Knows" -- Translating the master's minimalism to the modern world. [Outside, January2007]

"How to do Everything"--Including my entries on surviving a bar fight and playing pickup basketball, among others. [Outside, July 2007] 

"Pushing the Boundaries"--A guide to the uncrowded corners of eleven National Parks. [Outside, May 2007] 

"The Hole Shebang"--A rundown of the best swimming holes in the National Parks. [Outside, May 2007] 

"Adios, Winter Slump"--Eight offbeat activities to pursue in New England in the winter, from falconry to ski-joring. [AMC Outdoors, February 2007]

"Spine of Steel"--How you can get Superman's posture. [Outside, June 2006]

"An Almost-Impossible Trek"--Hiking El Salvador's Parque Nacional El Imposible. [Outside Traveler, 2004]

"Kentucky: Big Holler"--An Appalachian road trip. [Outside, July 2003]